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On Jack White, The Black Keys and Celebrities Being A-Holes


One of the ancillary perks of working in radio is getting to sometimes meet your musical heroes.  In my short career I've had the opportunity to meet dozens and dozens of artists in myriad places.  Before the show, after the show, DURING the show - I've been lucky enough to get a small glimpse into these performers' touring lives and an even smaller glimpse into their persona - real or imagined.

I've had artists come off as extremely gracious and humble and I've had interactions with artists that left me with a sour taste.  Fans have rejoiced after going through the rigors of a hurried pre-concert meet and greet and others bitched and moaned that the artists weren't accessible enough for them.

No two artists, or for that matter, no two meet and greets ever execute the same in these situations.

My point, dear listener is that one minute peek into another person's life, private or professional is not enough to gauge an overall opinion on that artist as a whole person.

That's exactly what the world got in this ongoing story revolving around Jack White that's had the internet in a furor over the last few weeks.

Jack White definitely made some remarks that, under a certain light, could easily be written off as the pejorative ramblings of a holier-than-though hipster icon, spitting on those he deemed unworthy and TMZ, antagonizing as they are so famously wont to do, published those private remarks for the eyes of an ever-hungry internet populace feverishly looking for any celebrity beef to salivate over even if the dispute was a trumped-up story centered around a private correspondence between Mr White and his ex-wife Karen Elson.

This situation was further exacerbated by a Rolling Stone interview in which Mr White went on the defensive and employed some awkward explanation on his remarks that for some, fueled a fire that should have never started in the first place.

Fast forward to this weekend and J-Dubbs is compelled to issue a statement via his website that explains, in great detail, his position on the people who were supposedly wronged in his prior comments and also goes on to explain (indirectly of course) that none of this nonsense was ever supposed to have seen the light of day.

What I'm trying to say here, friends is that while we often get fed minuscule bites of a meal in the form of a Facebook share or a 140 character Tweet that could never tell the full story.  Lashing out at celebrities, artists, or anyone in the public view and painting an unfair picture of them because of one small interaction or perceived injustice is unfair.

Of course, this could all be just a farce put on by The White Stripe himself...he does have an album coming out in eight days you know. 



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