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Tony Tarbox

Net Neutrality?! WTAF?!


Aside from a subscription to Heavy Metal and Playboy, yy wife and I get ALL of our in-home media online.  We don't even have rabbit ears plugged in to grab an OTA signal.  

We just got tired of paying for so many sources of "entertainment" that didn't speak to us or that we never, ever used. 

It's been grand - and we've been able to do it on the up and up.  There's been no illegal downloading of shows/music/movies.  We either team up with friends or wait until said media is available through the channels available to us. 

The only side effect we've noticed (oustide of being a little late to the party sometimes) is that we're reading more.  A lot more, actually and we don't generally look at that as a negative. 

Net Neutrality is kind of a big deal to us, because rules that may be set up would change the way we consume our media and make it a lot more expensive than it should be to bring the entertainment and information into our house that we enjoy.

Net Neutrality has gotten a lot of pub lately and you've no doubt seen article after article and social media post after social media post about it and while most of those examples shout a lot, they don't really say much.

This young YouTuber, Vi Hart spells out the issue in a very understandable manner without being condescending.  Take a few minutes and check this out....especially if you're a "cable cutter" or if the idea appeals to you in the least.

There you go. Do something or let it happen.  I'm not telling you what to do, but you should be informed as to what's going on so things don't catch you by surprise.



PS - Vi Hart makes extremely interesting and fun YouTube videos that are like extremely easily consumable TED talks.  Here's her channel - if you like the above video, then there's plenty more where that came from. 


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