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Tony Tarbox

5 Things I missed about CO


What a weekend!  I had a blast and capped it off with a SHORT trip back to Des Moines.  While it was an awesome time, I was reminded of a few things that living here in Colorado has on my home state.

1 - Weed is no big deal here.

Seriously, marijuana is legal here - not mandatory.  Every time I presented my CO ID for beers, cover, whatever, I got some form of the following; "Colorado huh? You know we don't allow smoking weed in here" or the ever popular, "Yo, did you bring any of that dank back with you?" Ugh.

2 - The butt-swamping humidity of the Midwest

The first time I got out of our car (yeah, we drove) in Central Nebraska the sun had been up for a few hours but already the barometer was showing more moisture than the first three rows of a OneRepublic concert at Red Rocks.  Nausea, confusion, disgust, and hate flowed through me like a Sith warrior until I promptly put my happy ass back into my panty-dropping Kia Sephia and started completely unrefreshed and grouchy back on my journey.

3 - Local Beers

Don't get confused.  Iowa has some killer suds but NOWHERE near the amount of of home-grown liquid bread we can enjoy all over The Centennial State.  My hat goes off to Confluence, Exile, OMBC, Peace Tree and the others but my heart now belongs to Avery, FCB, O'Dells and Left Hand.

4 - Attitude

I have, in the last year, really come to enjoy and assimilate into the laid-back general attitude so prevalent among Coloradans.  While "Iowa Nice" is a thing, I've found that in general, it does not include the live and let live attitude that is so refreshing here on the Front Range. 

5 - Fit

It was nice not being the fattest guy at the bar but it illustrates how much more fit Co is than IA.

So, while I had a killer time back home, it was really REALLY nice to get back to Colorado yesterday. 

Keep doing what you do, CO.



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