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My Broncos Jokes

My Broncos Jokes

Dear Readers, 

The night shift is beginning hear at the 107.9 The Bear Studios, and I'm still bitter about the Broncos blowing it on Sunday. Val wrote about how the Super Bowl might have been rigged the other day. I believe her. 

But instead of letting myself get all bent out of shape about it, I decided to make jokes about it. I figured tonight I'm going to share some of my favorite jokes I've heard about the Big Game. 

And just so you know, T. Biggens has always been and will always be a Broncos fan. I even gave on of my sons "Floyd."

I hope none of these jokes go over your head, and into the back of the endzone for a safety.

Q: How many Broncos does it take to change a tire?
A: One. Unless it's a blowout, then no one shows up. 

Q: What's the first step in making Broncos cookies?
A: Beat them in a bowl for three hours. 

Peyton Manning's Bakery 

Did you hear Peyton Manning is opening a bakery. Their specialty? Turnovers. The bakery is offering their customers a loyalty program. In fact, it even gives you the first two points free!

I'd be careful though. You might choke on the goods. 

Do You Have Any Jokes? 

Share them with me. Post them in the comments section below, or send my co-worker a message to He'll forward them to me. 

But all this is good fun. We've gone a long way. Val shared a video showing Peyton's first start as a Bronco

Now if you excuse me, I got to take a look at some surfer girls, I mean security footage. 

Until next time, 


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