Sriracha potato chips? Lay's offers three flavors for fan vote

Posted Monday, February 11th 2013 @ 11pm

Back in the dark ages – like when your dad was growing up – there were only two choices when it came to potato chips… Regular cut or wavy.

These days, there are countless numbers of flavors and styles. It’s a great time to be alive!

And now, Lay’s potato chips are pushing the envelope even further, introducing three new flavors: cheesy garlic bread, chicken and waffles, and Sriracha, which is a popular hot sauce.

Unfortunately, not all these flavors are going to be here forever.

Fans of the chips can vote for their favorite from now until May.

One will survive, while the other two are most likely headed for the snack food scrap heap.

But until May, you’ve got three more flavors to choose from in the chip aisle, so go crazy. 

(Los Angeles Times)

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