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Behind the scenes, pt. 3



Part three - final.

Marc's plane was diverted to Colorado Springs due to bad weather and DIA wasn't going to re-open until 7pm. With all the flights that were diverted and needing to land at DIA, and the travel time from DIA to Loveland, it seemed unlikely we were going to get Marc on stage on time. Thankfully, the airline agreed to get him off the plane. His manager was waiting for him at DIA but took off to the Springs to pick him up. It was going to be close, but Marc's performance looked more likely to happen.

Marc didn't bring his whole band for this show. There were two guys in Denver that Marc was friends with but had never played with. The original idea was that Marc would arrive in Denver at around 2pm and they would rehearse and then travel up here for the show. That plan was scuttled when his plane was diverted. So, Marc was racing up here to perform with two guys he's never performed with AND with guitars that don't belong to him. His guitars were still on the diverted plane in the Springs.

Marc arrived about 20 minutes prior to showtime. The picture above was taken not 10 minutes after he got here. He was tired, very hungry, and about to perform with new guys and unknown guitars....and he was smiling. There have been performers that have been irate over things like the wrong coffee brand, the wrong wine, or an amp that doesn't meet their specifications. Look at Marc's face. Tired, hungry, road weary....and smiling. 

The rains came again and unfortunately they came with a bit more force. Along with that came colder temperatures. Marc wasn't two songs into his set when the weather hit and the folks started leaving. There were a couple hundred left in the amphitheater at that time. I felt so bad for him, but I also kept in mind the smiling face he had before the show. This wasn't bothering him. He put on one hell of a show. For those who were still here, they were loud and into it. Under the circumstances, that was awesome. And as for the would never have known that they were doing it for the first time. 

A nice hot meal awaited him after the last song (THANK YOU to The Boot Grill for the hot dinner!). There was to be a "meet and greet" after the show, but I wouldn't have blamed him for cancelling. But, that's not Marc Broussard. He grabbed the food and said he'd be right back. I would have given him at least a half-hour to eat and catch his breath. Instead, he was back in about 10 minutes....with a smile on his face. One of his fans said she loved his show but wished he had done one of his songs, "The Beauty Of Who You Are". So, Marc set down his beverage and started snapping his fingers and sang a portion of that song to her and everyone in the group. I was so stunned I forgot to grab my phone to video it. Everybody's jaw was on the ground. Marc took pictures and signed autographs and answered questions. He took time with everybody. In fact, he was there for a little over an hour after the show. A shuttle bus was waiting for him to take him and the band back to Denver, but he wanted to stay and talk. Considering the day he had and the challenges with transportation, new band mates, hunger, rain, and borrowed guitars, a weaker person such as myself would have been on that shuttle not 10 minutes after the show. 

I learned a lot about Marc Broussard that night. He spoke to me and a fellow employee for about an hour. He shared stories of growing up in Louisiana, about his father who is an acclaimed musician himself, about his beautiful wife who wants a convertible T-Bird, and about musicians he loves to watch perform. I also learned that folks like Marc are so rare and should be cherished when the opportunity to meet and talk with them comes your way. It also crossed my mind that with all the stress and uncertainty and challenges we were faced with all night don't amount to a hill of beans unless you make it so. The least stressed and the happiest person was the same person who endured the most that day. I became a HUGE Marc Broussard fan that night. For the first time, I'm as much a fan of the person as I am the performer. I wish you were there.

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