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Behind the scenes, pt. 2




The gates opened to the public at around 4pm on Saturday. By then, we had seen a couple of quick rain showers but nothing that would threaten to wash the show out. We were concerned that the rain would force ticket holders to decide whether or not to go to the show. If you were at home at the time, you might have been wondering if the show was worth getting cold and wet. As we get older, that decision gets a bit easier. 

At around 4:35pm, Ben Pu and Crew were all ready to go. The Fabulous Thunderbirds had hooked up their gear and were on their tour bus waiting their turn. The Lionel Young band was not here yet. This was expected as they told us they had a gig in Denver that would keep them there until 4:30pm. The wild card was I-25. We all know how unpredictable it can be on a clear day. With the rain in our area and the heavier storms in Denver, there was a risk that The Lionel Young Band would not make it by 5:30pm.

At around 4:50pm, I saw a Frontier jet on approach at Fort Collins/Loveland airport and thought that was odd. We don't often see that. Soon after, we got a call that the plane Marc Broussard was on got diverted to Colorado Springs. Why? It was that bad weather in Denver.  The same weather that sent the Frontier Jet to the Fort Collins/Loveland airport was sending Marc's and other aircraft to the Springs. It was at this time I realized, in theory, we could have only two of the four bands we promised. The idea was so ridiculous and the circumstances so bizarre, I could do nothing but laugh and poo my pants at the same time. My grandfather would have been proud.

At 5:00pm, it was show time. Ben Pu and Crew rocked the house with their set that lasted about thirty minutes. At around 5:20pm, some members of the Lionel Young Band were arriving. At about 5:40pm, Lionel Young arrived. The nervous laugh was replaced by loud hand clapping and shrieks of joy. The musical ball was rolling and the pieces were slowly being put together on our special night at the Thunder Mountain Amphitheater. Even the rain that kept popping up and going away did not damper my reborn good mood. Things were moving along so nicely despite the challenges that I felt confident that the Marc Broussard on a plane in Colorado Springs situation would be resolved quickly. All I needed was that phone call saying all is well. The phone call came....and it was not at all what I was expecting. They said that DIA wouldn't re-open until 7pm. That was a problem. That was a BIG problem.

Coming up in Pt. 3.....Marc's journey to our venue, what he left on the plane, who he played with that night, and the most unforgettable meet and greet I've ever been a part of.  


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